Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The BPO industry holds immense potential for business opportunity. It is projected to offer plenty of jobs in the recent future. The advancement in technology, automation processes, cost benefits, increasing trend to outsource back office administration, major entry of banking into BPO sector have all collectively influenced the growth and popularity of BPO services.

The trends that are considered the driving forces in the global scenario of BPO industry can be summed up as follows:

  • There is an increasing trend towards globalization of BPO industry
  • The demand for platform-based BPO services is constantly on the rise
  • BPO services that are industry regulation compliant is increasingly on the rise
  • BPO is currently enjoying the fruits of cost reduction in processes
  • Improved Customer Services have popularized BPO majorly
  • Focus has now shifted to establishing business operations in low-cost destinations such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and such others
  • BPO is reaping the benefits of Shared Services Drives acceptance in the Banking Sector
  • The BPO business is projected to reach a massive $262.2 billion by 2022
  • India and China continue to hold the leading positions in BPO industry

India leads in the offshoring business and occupies the primary and most dependable slot in the choice list of countries like US, UK and Australia for major projects. Some of the reasons can be stated as follows:

  • BPO/BPM in India is the most trending job in the changing global scenario and there is a pool of new talents being attracted into this sector. In the last couple of decades, Indian economy has seen an exponential growth in offshoring activities and thus new and challenging career opportunities have opened up in front of the youngsters.
  • There is no dearth of English language skills in India. The new gen of India carries the legacy of superior English comprehension, listening, reading and writing skills.
  • Government initiative and promotion of BPO/BPM sector acts as a boost to the industry to do the necessary social developments. Because of government support, processing gets smoother, taxes and duties get wavered or reduced and business deals get easier to achieve.
  • The recent and fast infrastructural and economic development of India plays a major role in making facilities available to the masses. Availability of office spaces, improved transport and communication facilities have made a greater percentage of people increasingly mobile and eager to work in the BPO/BPM sector.
  • The quickly spreading awareness and myth busting have made this industry gain popularity. That has in turn inspired and motivated more freshers to opt for BPO/BPM as a short-term and long-term career option.
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1. People are saying BPO companies will suffer huge job losses. Is it true?

No. This is a myth.
BPO is here to stay. As an industry, it is going strong with rapid advancements, more opportunities, a solid infrastructure of people-processes- technology combination.

BPOs train the young and aspiring workforce to take up bigger challenges and prepare them for lateral or vertical growth, whichever way they aim. BPO is in existence for the last several decades defying all negative conjectures and apprehensions.

Did you know?
The BPOs are now hiring not only Graduates and Engineers but also Lawyers, Doctors, Actuaries, Media Managers, Chartered Accountants and professionals with different kinds of specialisations. However, at an entry-level, a graduate degree in any subject is most often sufficient. Professionals like doctors, chartered accountants and lawyers are often hired for their functional and specific domain expertise.

2. The Attrition rate of BPO is amazingly high as the workforce fails to continue for long because of odd job hours that disrupts the body clock. Why is this?

Job hopping is usually high because of poaching of competitive companies and the wide sea of opportunities alluring the young and the energetic to frequently test other waters. BPOs are incredibly good at training your communication skill which is a must have wherever you go. These jobs are ideal for students planning to go abroad for higher studies as it will significantly improve your TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS scores. Also students preparing for high quality MBA programs greatly benefit by the BPO experience. THIS IS A HUGE PLUS!

Some confuse that all BPO jobs have 24-hour job shift but please note that job hours are specific and vary as per job roles

3. Do I have to meet high targets if I join a BPO company?

Not all BPO job roles are target oriented. The ones which are, they provide incentives to top fixed components. All BPO jobs listed on clearly states targets, incentives, benefits, in-hand salary, cab facility, exact location, working hours and days etc. We help you in making an informed decision.

4. Does BPO job close the door to an alternate career and has limited career opportunities?

No. Not at all. BPOs equip the candidates with better people and communication skills and opens doors to a wider career path. BPOs in itself have a wide range of career options.

Given the lucrative career options that BPO as an industry offers its candidates, it is now very much a long-term career option for the youthful workforce of gen-next and gen-now.

5. BPO job has only night shifts and gives rises to health-related ailments that are generally associated with working in front of computers for long hours or even talking on phone for long hours. Is it true?

No. BPOs, in turn, are more careful regarding the overall work environment and the ergonomics and acoustics related factors than most other companies. Moreover, most other industries have similar work culture of sitting in front of computers and talking over phone.

6. People say one can get a BPO job whenever he/she likes. Is it that simple?

Unfortunately no!. Top BPO companies only recruit top talent. You have to clear 4 to 5 rounds of interviews. The success rate is less than 5-6% for top jobs.

Fortunately, is here to help yous in finding and preparing for exciting opportunities at Top BPOs.