Get huge discount by booking your CV Review and Mock Interview together!
This pack includes CV Review and Mock Interview sessions. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a fresher to crack his/her first interview.

CV/Mock Interview parameters:
  • Improve your CV on a comprehensive set of 19 factors
  • Attend 20 minute mock interview over telephone
  • Know your interview readiness on 15 job interview success parameters

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Realize what your CV can do. Your CV helps you to:
  • Grab the attention of the right employers
  • Impress your potential employer at the first go
  • Get a leverage to your candidature at the initial stage of your selection process
  • Get identified what kind of a person you are (organized, unorganized, attentive to details etc.)
  • Showcase your core competencies
  • Stand out in a crowd of hundreds of other CVs
Mock Interview helps you to prepare through the following:
  • Practice questionnaire (basic)
  • Practice questionnaire (advanced)
  • Receive constructive feedback
  • Online audio recordings of mock sessions
  • Practice speaking sessions
  • Online video sessions
Why would you opt for our Combo Pack?

Combo Pack offers CV Review together with Mock Interview. These two sessions together complete your interview preparation. CV Review by itself is the first step of your interview groundwork. Coupled with the next step of interview guidance through full-fledged Mock Interview sessions, it will strengthen your foundation for cracking difficult interviews. These two are the two essential aspects of interview preparation and are equally important. Moreover, we are offering discounts when you opt for the Combo Pack rather than the individual services.

Who will take my Mock Interview?

We have an exemplary and illustrious panel of experts who take rigorous interviews of the candidates based on their years of experience and domain expertise. They are also equipped with very strong skill gap analytical techniques and can help you shift the focus of your potential employers from your skill gaps to your strengths. They will also guide, groom and train you on your soft skills and other interview requisites.

Will the same Mock Interview panel review my CV?

We have a completely different set of experts to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your CV. We shall point out all the formatting and font errors as well as the structure and content detail requirement for your CVs. Your HR expert panel will see that your CV stands out and gets noticed. The language experts will take care of the grammar and English language part. The panel will also give you direct cues about the questions that might be based on the CV you have created.

I already have a CV. Why do I need a CV review?

Usually when you are formulating or collating a CV, you tend to overlook a lot of detailed points that might undermine your importance and act as a negative factor against you in an interview. Generally, a candidate cannot assess what the employers typically look out for. We help you think from the employer’s point of view.