International English Proficiency Test - Part 1 (IEPT 01)

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The English skills required for the BPO Industry is certainly different from the English communication skills required in other sectors. Let’s have a peep at the notable and primary requirements of BPO ENGLISH.
English Skills and Competencies Required in BPO/BPM Industry:

English like any other language is dynamic and ever evolving. Keeping the changing needs of English skill development in mind, we have designed a robust system of English communication improvement mechanism. We have named it International English Proficiency Tests Part 1 (IEPT 01) and International English Proficiency Tests Part 2 (IEPT 02).

This mechanism is now a tested and tried module for effectively improving English Communication of the aspiring candidates in BPO/BPM and related domains.

What is IEPT 01?

IEPT is a brainchild of RoadToNaukri. It is the ultimate assessment process construed in a scientifically proven and technology-driven environment to sieve the best and capable fresh brains in the industry and guide them towards achieving their professional goal.

Currently, the top most corporates have been comb searching for capable candidates with a driving force to take lead and work wonders for the company. RoadToNaukri aims at bridging the fast dissenting gap between talent hunt and inability to procure the rightful candidates on one hand and the inability to crack the interviews on the other hand.

RoadToNaukri is in the process of formulating a universal assessment process to ELIMINATE SUBJECTIVITY out of the assessment process of the candidates. IEPT refers to International English Proficiency Test and has been designed in two distinct phases. These tests assess the candidates on their English speaking, listening and comprehending skills.

In this connection, we have already designed our assessment test Part 01 and Part 01. IEPT Part 01 is an online assessment where questions related to basic grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension will be asked.

What is the final goal/aim?

We follow a rigorous process of training our Certified Recruiters with the RTN certification course curriculum and guide them to segregate the best brains of the industry and channelize them into the choicest domain.

The English training that we provide to the candidates helps them to assess the English communications skill of the candidates through telephonic interviews. We have stringently identified the parameters on which the candidates are to be judged and also described each of the parameters to enable the recruiter to grade the skill level. We also guide and train our Interviewers on the rating mechanism and have a fixed template to rate the performance strictly on the basis of the set parameters. Only after a satisfactory review of the candidates’ performance we send them to the job role that fits his interest, desire, qualification and performance.

Future of IEPT 01

In the coming days, we shall add on to our training material with more number of relevant and industry-specific questionnaires and pointers that shall help the candidates further to prepare better.