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Preparation ensures success!

Over 90% people fail job interviews due to lack of preparation. Don't miss job interviews call opportunities anymore. Our comprehensive interview preparation package ensures you are ready to crack job interviews with ease

Highlights of our interview preparation package

Personalised Service

The service will be fully customised to your specific needs. You will get help over phone, internet or face to face depending upon your requirements


You will get an opportunity to participate in various assessments which will help in identifying strengths and weaknesses in various skills and behavioural traits which are key to success in job interviews

mock interview
Mock Interviews

You will get a real interview experience which will help you in identifying your weaknesses. As part of the package you will get multiple mock interview opportunities to practice and improve

CV Writing

A professional CV / Resume writer will prepare your CV. Professionally written CV / Resume will not only impress employers but will also significantly increase your chances of getting interview calls

Industry Experts

An expert will personally take care of your needs and requirements. She/he will be available to clarify your doubts and answer your queries

Preparation Material

As part of the package, you will get full preparation material personalised to your specific needs

match jobs
Matching Jobs

Based on your performance, our system will suggest you jobs matching with you skills, interests, salary and location preferences


All good things doesn't need to be costly. Our innovation in technology and the way we do it enable us to deliver high quality interview preparation services by certified experts at a very affordable cost

How interview preparation service works?


Select your target job role and industry and book our interview preparation course

Attend Assessments

Complete a set of assessments as per your chosen job role and industry


As per the assessments results, our experts will help you in preparation. You will get full support with personalised preparation material

Track Progress

Our expert will constantly track your progress and regularly conduct follow ups

Job Interviews

As soon as you are ready, our expert will start scheduling job interviews matching your skills, interests and preferences

Frequently asked questions

A full interview preparation package will prepare you to face interviews confidently. More than 90% of the interviewees fail to clear job interviews because of lack of preparation. Our interview preparation package will prepare you to crack even the most difficult of job interviews with confidence and ease.
  • You shall receive a personalized interview preparation package designed to crack a specific job interview
  • You shall be assessed for job readiness in various parameters such as communication skills, attitude, aptitude, HR questions
  • You shall get a Professional CV
  • You will get a series of Mock Interview sessions
  • We shall groom you on presentation skill related to talking, dressing, greeting etc.
  • You will be trained by seasoned industry experts
  • We shall offer you jobs matching your skills, interests, salary and locational preferences
The price of the package will be customised according to the job that the candidate has applied for.
We shall provide discount coupons and offers from time to time. Please keep a lookout for the best offer.
The duration of the course is 30 hours spread over 2-3 weeks which can be extended or reduced as per your choice. The expert will be available to clarify your doubts and answer your queries for a 60 day period from the start date.
We shall provide you job interview invites with reputed organizations matching your level.
You can pay us online or offline at our office at Greater Noida.
You will get:
  • Detailed feedback report with material designed to develop the skill gaps, both verbal and written
  • Recordings of Mock Interview to listen to and improve
  • Recorded grooming sessions and expert comments by industry experts
  • Study material on English grammar comprehension, word list to improve pronunciation, check MTI/accent and check fluency
Contact us if you have more questions