About Copy Editor at SAGE Publications India Private Limited

Ideal opportunity to join Sage publication as a Copy Editor.
Minimum Qualification
Experience in copy editing, graduate or post graduate in Language courses. Any diploma or certification courses in publishing services will an added advantage.
Starting Salary
20000-35000 per month

Local candidates only

Application is closed for this job

Based in the SAGE Dehradun Office, copy edit and proofread assigned books/journals as per SAGE’s quality standards with minimum intervention from your managers.

Maintain high quality communication and excellent relationships with all internal and external stakeholders – production, editorial and other divisions, and with authors and editors (if required).

Troubleshoot and display ability to deal with fast tracks/difficult manuscripts, with maturity and calmness.

Receive training on various components of book/journal as per SAGE training module to perform copy editing, pre-edit audit and incorporation of proof inputs, and proofreading.

Ensure a minimum copy editing of 45 pages per day averaging 900 pages monthly and 1500 pages annually.

100% schedule adherence for non-core copy editing tasks including: Author/proof incorporations, QC/Audit, Pre-edit audits and creation and submission of a project summary within 24 hours of completing a project.

Provide timely feedback to Supervisor for vendor/proofreader/PE on quality and timeliness

Ensuring any delays are escalated, project or quality related, to your supervisor immediately

Update/maintain your daily productivity report and share with supervisor as per agreed timelines thus keeping your manager updated on all projects

Prompt or alert any delays as much in advance as possible

Communicate in a professional and personable manner with SAGE internal and external clients on any issues concerning their journal. Maintain utmost transparency about your work and any issues related at all times.

Respond to any email inquiries within 24 hours of receipt, and respond in a clear, articulate, and organized manner.

Keep AVP and Senior Manager informed of any communication received from editors/authors that is tense or volatile in nature, also, forward any positive words and praise you received.

Use recommended websites for referring spellings
a. UK spelling – http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/
b. US spelling - http://www.merriam-webster.com/

Discipline in file/folder management as per SAGE’s folder structure
a. Store the files/folders in the given location, project-wise
b. Use file/folder naming convention diligently
c. Ensure that only a single copy of a file is stored at any given point of time.
d. Know the access rights to your computer/server and adhere to it.
e. Ensure that the official files/folders are not shared/accessed by unauthorized personnel.
f. If you encounter any problems, bring it to your manager’s/IT team’s notice immediately.

Assist the Senior Manager and/or SAGE staff with any projects or initiatives, as requested.

Contribute ideas, give, and receive feedback in a productive way.

Participate in projects, committees, or task forces as assigned by HoD/Senior Manager

Participate in VC/audio calls along with your manager (in Delhi) and record the minutes as required

Report in a timely manner, anything that could affect work/work environment – work or interpersonal issues (personality, communication, attitude etc.) in the team.

You must have

Writing & editing skills

Basic computer knowledge (Ms. Office tools)

Communication skills, Research Skills, Editorial Confidence

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