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Get a detailed feedback on 15 interview parameters in four categories - HR, Behavioural, Education/Industry and Business English.


Your report will explain your performance against all parameters. The explanations will help in guiding how to improve in all key parameters.


Get full record of your interview as an audio file. You can review your responses to interview questions. This significantly improves your performance in real interviews.


Preparation is key to success in job interviews. The mock interview will provide you the real job interview experience that will significantly increase your chances of success.

What is a Mock Interview ?

A mock interview is an enactment or dummy of a real job interview. A mock interview will walk through a candidate with the questions that he/she is likely to face in a real interview. Mock interview sessions replicate actual interview as closely as possible and equips candidates with valuable experience.

Why to choose RoadToNaukri for Mock Interview ?

RoadToNaukri provides extensive mock interview sessions for candidates, freshers and experienced. These interviews are to be videotaped/recorded to be referred to by the candidates and the trainers later on. This helps in generating constructive feedback. The candidate learns a lot from his/her mistakes, which can be then avoided in the actual interview.

Why is Mock Interview important for job seekers ?

Mock Interviews considerably It reduces the stress and anxiety of getting interviewed. It is especially if facing job interviews for the first time. Usually, a mock interviewer is a person who possesses the best of interviewing skills. Such industry experts prove beneficial to the whole exercise as they can give instant feedback on the candidate's performance and judging whether his/her responses were suitable for the interview session.