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Crack job interviews with ease. Go prepared!

Get real interview experience, know your weaknesses and prepare for it to easily crack job interviews

Benefits of a mock interview

real experience

An interviewer will ask you questions based on the job and industry you are applying for. It will be like an actual interview but for practice


Our interviewers are industry experts who have in depth experience of conducting actual interviews


Following the mock interview, you will get a detailed feedback report on how you have performed and what you should do to prepare for actual interview


Your mock interview will be recorded which will further help you in understanding what has worked well and where exactly you need to improve


Following the mock interview, you will get a personalised preparation material for the job and industry you are preparing for

match jobs

Based on your performance, our system will suggest you jobs matching with you skills, interests, salary and location preferences

How mock interview works?


Select a convenient date and time as per your schedule to book your mock interview


As per your requirements, job type and industry, our expert will conduct the interview over phone, internet or face to face

Get feedback

Following the interview, get a detailed feedback report along with the mock interview recordings


Start preparing and improving yourself as per the expert feedback and personalised preparation material

Ready for interview

You are now ready to face the real interview with confidence. Go on and crack it with ease!

Frequently asked questions

Mock Interview is “Practice Interview”. It is designed to give you a real-time experience of interview even before you attend the actual interview
We give one-to-one Mock Interview sessions over telephone or internet to remote candidates. We provide face-to-face Mock Interview sessions to candidates who manage to visit our office at Greater Noida physically
There are many benefits of Mock Interviews:
  • It Gives you real-time experience of the actual interview
  • The industry experts will assess your readiness to face the most difficult questions
  • You will get the detailed feedback report

    • The recordings will help is further improvement
    • Personalized preparation material to help you prepare
    • Matching jobs at the end of the session
On an average our Mock Interviews last for 15 minutes followed by a 15 minute feedback about your performance
We shall provide Mock Interviews for the job you have applied for. It will be based on job and the industry

The objective of the job interview is to test your readiness. While we do try to arrange interviews for matching jobs but there is no job guarantee.

Mock Interview will give you real interview experience.

The parameters that are generally checked during a Mock Interview are:
  • Your confidence
  • Relevance of your job application
  • Business communication skills
  • Grammar and fluency
  • Mother Tongue Influence / accent
  • English vocabulary and comprehension
  • Sales aptitude
  • Stress and intonation in speech
You will get:
  • Detailed feedback report with material designed to develop the skill gaps, both verbal and written
  • Recordings of Mock Interview to listen to and improve
  • Recorded grooming sessions and expert comments by industry experts
  • Study material on English grammar comprehension, word list to improve pronunciation, check MTI/accent and check fluency
Contact us if you have more questions